2012 Emmy Awards

I’m sure all of you eager fashionistas watched the Emmy red carpet, I know I did! I am sad to say there were some major misses… but luckily a few of TV’s biggest stars definitely hit the mark. I had strong feelings on both sides so here are my top 5 best and worst…


Kerry Washignton- Vivienne Westwood

This was a great choice for Kerry. The the fabric is fun but the silhouette is classic, which is why the gown works, and her jewelry is minimal. The hair is a bit in between for me, it should have been more sleek or more loose, but overall a pretty look.

Sarah Hyland- Marchesa

Sarah was perfection in this Marchesa gown. Her hair, makeup, and jewelry all work together. The look is young and romantic, beautiful!

Julie Bowen- Monique Lhuillier

This bright color is so on trend, and the simple silhouette makes for a modern yet fun look. Julie’s hair was a little loose so she didn’t look too severe, great from head to toe!

Sarah Paulson- Reem Acra

Sarah looked amazing. The applique details on the gown are very on trend and the color looked fantastic against her skin tone.

Padma Lakshmi- Monique Lhuillier

The orange color of this Monique gown was perfect against her skin tone. And the sleek silhouette and minimal jewelry made Padma look effortless. Her figure and natural beauty stood out.


Heidi Klum- Alexandre Vauthier

I want to say, “Heidi, we get it. You’re single. You were a supermodel, but your bust… not looking so super in this dress… and you have too many kids to be showing off this much leg.” She knows better than this!

Kristen Wig- Balenciaga

Kristen looks cute for dinner out. On the red carpet though, its a bit casual. It’s not her first time at the Emmys. Come on girl!

Ashley Judd- Carolina Herrera

I don’t understand the brooch, or the bow but what I really don’t get is the hair… at least she won’t have to worry about running out of honey! I’m sure the bees love it in there!

Mayim Bialik- Pamella Roland

When I saw Mayim in this gown I felt sad. This dress is too old for her! Mayim you’re so much cuter than this!!! And it makes you look bigger than you are : (

Lena Dunham- Prada

This is another case of wearing a gown that is too old for you. I love that she is going with the lace trend, but its too much for her and she looks square! What girl wants to look like that?

Absolute Best and Absolute Worst:

Absolute Best

Hayden Panettiere- Marchesa

Words can’t express how happy this look made me. It was everything a red carpet dress should be. This Marchesa gown was unique, glamorous, and effortless. It fit her perrrrfectly and everything from her hair to her makeup was flawless. Even though the gown is extremely detailed Hayden wore it with such ease and poise, which is the hardest part.

Absolute Worst

Michelle Dockery- Louis Vuitton

Words can’t express how confused this dress made me, I wasn’t even sad, just sooo confused. Why is this dress wrinkled? And why does it look big on her? And why does the fabric look like a cheap bridesmaid dress?… So many questions, so few answers.

Share some of your thoughts! I love awards season so I will definitely be posting my picks for best and worst from all of the coming shows!